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Just another post on reading

I feel I have to make a collection of what I stumble upon on the internet. This Reading thing has kept me thinking for a while now. Since I will be handling Preparatory Class for the first time this Monday, I am feeling this wiggly urge to write or document the matters. Awit, my daughter shall be my student (yes, gosh, isn’t it weird?), formally, not the usual ‘saling-ketket’ anymore. Last night, we had a dramatic scene ( tearjerker actually) over me teaching her how to read. I stumbled upon several reading approaches:

I tried following the Marungko Approach on Awit for the first time. Honestly, during my undergrad, I wasn’t thinking I’m going to need these information on Reading. I feel now that we weren’t given the basics on how to teach kids to read. The bright side of this is the fact that I am motivated to research. 😀

Going back to my Reading struggle with Awit. There are things I have learned about my daughter:

1. She sometimes guesses – can be meaningful or not.

2. When I ask her to read 2 letters i.e. ma, sometimes she reads am. (hmmm.)

3. She looks around the room as if she loses focus?

4. She gets distracted and nervous when I prompt her to focus more.

5. Knowing how she fares in the English phonics, and her being a proficient Tagalog speaker, I think I will try it some more maybe not just a program for her but for the whole Prep Class as well.

Now, here is a list of what I learned about myself:

1. I need to improve how to approach her as her teacher. Ang hirap! Not in the ‘authority’ sense though. But the pressure. I have to have more patience. I have to clearly define the boundaries. Being a Teacher Mommy can put a lot of pressure on both the child and the mother. If I have to rate myself as Awit’s teacher last night, with 10 being the highest, I think, honestly, I deserve a 4 or even a 3.

So here is a blog that goes nowhere. Just my random thoughts, and stumbled-upons. My next task now is to research more on the strategies on how to teach these kids how to read. With a lot of requirement or pressure from standardized tests the Prep has to undergo this coming February, my dilemma now is-how do I teach these kids how to love reading and how to read proficiently. They are 2 very different things. They are enemies, usually. To be able to balance both is my goal.


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